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Welcome to Release & Recover!


My name is Olaf Hirczy, and I hold a Diploma in Therapeutic and Sports Massage.

As a Therapist I believe that inflammation originating from an injury, or overuse is a major cause of pain. Pain can be very debilitating and severely reduces the quality of life of many.

In my treatments I concentrate on reducing your pain.


If you want to...

       Recover from sports injuries faster

  • Enjoy better mobility

  • Be free from pain

  • Be able to engage in activities you used to do

  • Have uninterrupted sleep

I might be the therapist to help. I deliver specially designed treatments tailored to your needs.

Available therapies...

  • REPULS cold light therapy

  • The Emmett technique

  • Therapeutic massage

  • Chair massage

  • Relaxation and sports massage

       Hot Stone Massage

Most treatments will take more than one session. Some problems are the result of long-term injuries, and pain from overuse can develop over time. So it makes sense that we work slowly to reverse the damage.


Therefore, at Release and Recover I will create a treatment plan that may combine various therapies depending on the problem you present to me in our initial consultation.


I am looking forward to being your chosen Therapist.



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