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Welcome to Release & Recover!


My name is Olaf Hirczy, and I hold a Diploma in Therapeutic and Sports Massage.

As a Therapist I believe that inflammation originating from an injury, or overuse is a major cause of pain. Pain can be very debilitating and severely reduces the quality of life of many.

In my treatments I concentrate on reducing your pain.


If you want to...

       Recover from sports injuries faster

  • Enjoy better mobility

  • Be free from pain

  • Be able to engage in activities you used to do

  • Have uninterrupted sleep

                                             My Clinic is now closed


         After 9 years  in the  Remedial Therapy and Massage business, my body is                   

         telling me, that  time to do something else has come.

          Therefore I have now  closed now my clinic. I am planning to open for some       

          Saturday afternoons.   I will keep you informed

          I would like to thank all of my clients for your Loyalty to stick with me.


           I hope that I was able to to eliminate some of your aches and pains

            Thank you again

            Olaf Hirczy

            Release and Recover Therapies







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