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I like to tailor my treatments to the specific needs of my clients, and I will discuss with you the nature of your personal treatment plan, how many further visits you will need and the type of treatment needed. 


Hot Stone Massage

1 hour treatment    $80.00 

Sports, Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage

1 hour  treatment       $75.00 

45 min treatment      $60.00


Various treatment styles


Emmett and Repuls Light Treatment 30 min - $45


REPULS Red  Light Therapy

20 min treatment - $30.00 

Emmett Technique

25 min treatment - $35.00 

Chair Massage

30 min  treatment -$40.00 


Please use the online booking page to make an appointment, or use the contact details below to book direct.

Contact Me!

Cell: 027 669 5525

Email: Release & Recover

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