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ROWO Herbal Sports Gel          Made in Germany


ROWO Herbal Sports Gel  is widely used in Europe and Australia by physiotherapists, masseurs, and chiropractors as a massage aid. And is now available in New Zealand.  It is made in Germany by Sporto-Med-Gmbh, who manufacture a  wide range of  high value body care and fitness products.

The Gel can be applied before and after exercise or sport or as required. It is cooling to muscular aches and pains. The Gel is refreshing and relaxing as a massage aid, it is cooling and gentle on skin, non greasy and non staining.

It is suitable for adults and children six years and over, and for external use only

The Rowo Herbal Sports Gel is also used by many elderly and non sports oriented people


Both the 100 ml tube and 1Ltr Pump pack have received new packaging, but  ingredients

remain exactly the same. So no change in effectiveness and quality

                          The 100 ml tube comes now in a plastic tube. 

                          The 50 ml tubes are no longer available

             Rowo Herbal Sports Gel is in Stock again


Herbal Ingredients

Peppermint oil, Arnica, Echinacea, Chamomile and Witch hazel.


Suitable uses and benefits of the Gel

Cooling to muscular aches and pains

Used for sports warm up and cool down  

It is refreshing and relaxing as a massage aid

Its cooling and gentle on the skin, and insect bites

It is non greasy and non staining

It has a  pleasant peppermint fragrance

All products include Postage  in New Zealand

Postage within New Zealand is included in the price on all products.

These products are only available for order in New Zealand.

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